Calypso Bay Buccaneers


For 2017, we are forming our new Poker hosting team called the Calypso Bay Buccaneers. Hosting Poker can be a tedious and boring job, as some events can drag on and on. We are seeking individuals who meet the criteria listed below.

Poker at Mystic Island will be hosted exclusively by this club, however players may still be active hosts in other clubs. We look to maintain a set of standards to ensure all events are operated by the same rules, remain impartial and fair. Occasional group meetings will be held in Castle Hill in our group's room.

Event parameters such as buy-ins, blind intervals, late registration and rebuy allowances will vary (and be assigned by the server) per event and we will attempt to stay consistent with our offerings. As the year progresses, we will raise the buy-ins based on the chip economy.

A rewards program will be developed for hosts in the form of Tiki Coins for the events they host. Hosts are expected to be on time for their events and to find backup coverage for events they miss. We are all volunteers, so it is understandable when life happens and we can't be here. Just please try to communicate to the team via email (a group list will be provided) when you can't make it.

Team chemistry is essential. Any petty squabbles or violating other group policies will result in immediate removal from this and all other groups. We want this group to be fun, and if we're not having fun, our events won't be fun for the users.

No hosting experience is necessary. If you feel you would like to join this team, please send an email to and include the items listed below. The amount of effort put into this email will factor greatly into becoming a part of our new team. Note: Please do not send any e-mail applications before Thursday, January 19th.

  • Hosting experience
  • How many events per week you'd like to participate in
  • Why do you want to be a Poker host?
  • What is your favorite color?
  • The email address you wish to receive group communications at
  • Anything else that you consider relevant

Thank you for your interest in our new Poker club. Good luck at the tables!